Zoë Paliare





Executive Coach & Former Coach of the Canadian and US National Rowing Teams

“Having coached for over 50 years, I would say the critical elements in excelling in coaching are: a deep caring for people, high energy, commitment to ongoing learning, the courage to challenge the norm, truly understanding the structure of goal setting and helping people to let go and shift the way they think.

I can assure you that Zoë Paliare excels at every one of these elements.

The other unique element about Zoë is that she has built a very successful business so she clearly understands the forces in play in running a company.

I would strongly endorse Zoë Paliare in her coaching career.”




“One of the many benefits of being coached by Zoë is experiencing her bubbly, caring nature. She has the ability to make self-improvement a fun exercise with lasting effects. I am so grateful to have been coached by her.” 




“Zoë has a natural gift for connecting with people and made me feel incredibly comfortable and supported when she coached me. I could really feel that she wanted the best for me. Her background in the legal profession was also incredibly helpful. She gets me and the world I work in. She is an excellent sounding board and provided practical suggestions which helped me accomplish a goal I had been thinking about for a while. I would highly recommend her, especially to professionals.”




Project Estimator, Hydro One

“Zoë brought an energy to coaching me like no other! Her vibrant, bubbly, raw, positive, authentic style made me feel at ease and allowed for me to really open up and uncover deeper meanings. I felt like she really cared for me as a client. Thanks Coach!”




“Zoë is a ray of sunshine and her smile warms you to the core. She brings this to her coaching and creates a connection that leads to fulfillment and purpose.”



"I have been so moved by the strides I have taken under Zoe’s guidance. I never imagined I would be so happy, so at ease, and so trusting of what the universe can provide me. Through my discussions with Zoe I have learned to listen to myself, to trust my inner voice, and to trust the abundance that follows. It has been a joy to see how this internal shift has already begun to shift my external world. I started in a job that made me profoundly unhappy, and only a couple of months of working with her, I overcame massive writers block (over two years), recaptured my voice as a storyteller, and am coming into a new truth and power that I cannot even describe just yet, but profoundly enjoy discovering. Zoe’s wisdom, kindness, curiosity and ability to reveal to her clients their own unique strength and voice, is what makes her so special. In a society where we are taught to put our heads down and ignore our suffering, she is a bright light that leads the way into a fulfilling life that stretches beyond anything you can imagine. I am forever grateful for the work I’ve done so far and cannot wait to see what is to come as I share my journey with her."